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Get The Best Name For Your Website. A great domain can change your life. Do you have yours?


A great domain can change your life. Do you have yours?

Get The Best Name For Your Business on .nyc

Finding the right “brand” or “brandable” domain name is a very important part of any business. A great .nyc name is the foundation for your online presence. 

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Here is Why New Yorkers Are All-In On .nyc Names

A great .nyc domain boosts branding, marketing, local targeting, seo and digital voice all in one. Saving you money, while growing your sales and customers.

How to value a premium .nyc domain price?

A high-value .nyc domain name is generally short, descriptive, easy to remember. Factors that can be easily converted into customers and profitable leads.

A premium domain asset can also give you instant business benefits such as credibility and consumer trust, none of which a non-premium domain can give you from day one.

The amount of interest in .nyc has been growing exponentially. With premium names getting developed by various businesses and individuals. In 2017, we have seen a growing adaption and switch from .com to .nyc businesses. Since business can get a much higher quality name on .nyc domain extension. 

How much do premium .nyc names go for?

It ranges from for $61,240  and for $33,940 to other names like for 11,538, for $7,000 and for $8,679 . bought for just $3300, an amazing move to consolidate and promote its brand in New York.

Let's take the case of sale. is a great example of a digital brand purchase. It was bought by GoldenVoice, creators of Coachela, hosts of the biggest outdoors music festival in the world. In one smart move, they captured the spirit and branding of NYC. 

With a $7,000 initial investment to purchase It has brought in multi multi million dollars in revenue since its kickoff in 2016, encapsulating the digital brand and the organizers vision.  

               Panorama concerts.

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This doesn't compare to .com prices, which can easily sell for hundreds of thousands or more, regularly. Just this week, sold for $2,000,000. While would cost you only a few thousand dollars and has New York localisation, seo, and marketing already built in. And that's what makes .nyc such a great value. Where else can you get an amazing category killer digital brand that perfectly fits your business that easily fits your budget.

.nyc Domain - New York City

Research has shown that when a premium domain is listed in the search engines, users are 84% more likely to click on that name as it is memorable and attention catching. .NYC premium generic domain names also tend to show up higher in search engines, engage the target audience, and command market leadership.

    “.nyc has been a game changer for marketing.”

    – Dmitry Dragilev, SEO Expert
For more on why SEO on .nyc is so effective, see the official .nyc registry study here.

New York City is a great place and .nyc allows you to showcase your business in all its greatness.

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Need a great SEO, Marketing  and a Short brand all in one package?
 .nyc domain is great for all 3 purposes.

Want to be found by prospective customers in a Google search?  Experts weight in:

John Mueller, a Google webmaster trends analyst, offered this nugget of advice: “When we have two URLs that have the same content, and we are trying to pick one to show in the search results, we will pick the shorter one … it doesn’t mean it’s a ranking factor, but it means that if we have two URLs, and one is really short and sweet, and the other one has this long parameter attached to it, and we know they show exactly the same content, we’ll try to pick the shorter one.”

Google also happens to be a proponent of non-dotcom domain options, having gone on the record saying that businesses and brands needn’t worry about these new domains being treated any differently than dot-com (.com) and dot-org (.org) and the likes. In fact, a keyword-rich domain name that describes who you are and what you do may increase your chances of being found.


Every day, more companies and organizations are using a .NYC domain name as their web address. Below are some examples.

There are already 10,000's of companies who are utilizing .nyc for all types of business, marketing and personal uses. 

Food, Real Estate, Start ups, News, NYC Government, Transportation, Tech, Finance, Fashion, Science, Shopping, Fitness, Manufacturing and practically every industry in NYC has been impacted by .nyc.

Here are just some of these companies:  - News source covering NYC tech and startup companies - Parking info from Icon Parking Systems - 500 Million Initiative by the city in life science - No Fee Real Estate Company - An architectural design firm - Online Gift Shop - Plenty, an advertising agency - NYC Law Firm - Met Museum Food Tours - New York City Municipal Archives Digital Galleries - Tech Job Portal in NYC - Large Real Estate Firm

These are just a few examples of how .nyc is being used. Find your perfect .nyc domain at